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There's been a lot going on in the world of online gaming, Youtube, JustinTv, TV Online and we are trying to keep track of all of it for your.  Thanks for visiting our site and especially this section, where you can find out the latest in the gaming world.


 TV Online, What is going on with Television?

Television is changing faster than we can keep up  did you know that you don't even need a conventional television anymore to watch your favorite shows?  Sites like justintv (justin tv) are proving that everyday and now there are other types of technology showing up called IPTV or TVIP.  This is amazing technology that lets you watch television right from your computer, or phone.


YouTube has always been a game changer but now they are allowing gamers to post online gaming videos directl to YouTube.  This is amazing because obviously the gaming guide industry is going to take a major hit.  Hopefully they will keep letting gamers do what they do best, play games  and make videos!

 BBC News recently released new information about Radio 1

Radio 1 has been picking up a lot of new listeners from all over the world.  
What   are they doing differently that is making such an impact?  Well, they are catering to US listeners because they now broadcast their shows live over the internet.  Radio is changing in some major ways to and the BBC is there at the frontline making it their very own.

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